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As of February 2009
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Postcards of China
33 cards per set
Both sets for only USD $15.00
(plus shipping)

China photographer Tom Carter, author of the new, groundbreaking book of photography CHINA: Portrait of a People, now presents his original, home-made post card sets from the 33 provinces of modern China.

Tom spent 2 years traveling to all 33 provinces in China to compile these unique photographs of the P.R.C., one of the only foreigners in the history of China to do so!

2 separate, decorative sets each include 33 standard size, full-color, glossy picture postcards from China with a divided back, printed on quality card stock, inside an embossed, full-color collector’s box: the people PORTRAIT card series (a diversity of faces and Chinese ethnicities), and the topographical ARCHITECTURE card series (ancient Chinese villages, landscape scenery and neon cityscapes).

These limited edition sets are essential for art and postcard collectors and deltiology enthusiasts, for tourists and gift shops seeking an affordable yet attractive souvenir of China, for armchair travelers who want to explore China without leaving home, and for teachers of geography and Chinese history, culture and society as an educational tool and visual aide.

Tom Carter's collectable China postcard sets are only available from the photographer himself. These postal cards ship international ground rate from Beijing. Enquire about expedited shipping. Discounts available for bulk orders. Email with questions.

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